From Canine Selfie Ads to Doggie Diet Campaigns

 - Nov 19, 2013
It might seem like there's no marketing necessary to sell puppy products - for who can resist adorable puppy dog eyes? However, companies selling canine products are getting increasingly creative with their marketing strategies. It seems a lot of brands are focusing on dogs' role as mans best friend; a privileged position, to say the least.

Companies know that pet owners are more than willing to treat their best friend, which is why there are a lot of more luxurious products on the market. For instance, the Pet Paradise Dog Course Campaign features pups lolling around in ecstasy, meanwhile Dogs&Drops; depicts your furry counterparts as Loofah-lovers. Of course, it's not just about getting your beloved pooch to look and feel good; it's also about keeping them happy and healthy. Indeed, there are a myriad of products and service that focus on keeping your pup in tip top shape, such as Project: Pet Slim Down.