Doggie Dazzle Branding Wraps Pup Products with their Fetching Faces

 - Nov 30, 2011
References: msolanet & lovelypackage
There are countless approaches to brand identity design in terms of what sorts of visual merchandizing might successfully represent the appeal of the product. Doggie Dazzle branding does not depict the goods in use, nor any images of the items themselves. This project by Mathilde Solanet features the lovable faces of the objects' beneficiaries.

The fictional brand's rubber chickens are packaged with folded card which pictures photographed innocent canine eyes and furry muzzles, appearing to bite down on the chew toys. Wool garments are worn around the middle sections of puppies lensed from above, and a dog bowl is fitted with a bone-shaped label. Doggie Dazzle branding also incorporates a line of stationery with a cute logo appropriate for a dog grooming company.