From Faked Home-Cooked Meals to Home-Cooked Pasta Packaging

 - Feb 13, 2014
Store-bought, home-made meals bring a convenience to comforting foods that are usually very labor-intensive to plan, prepare and clean up afterwards.

When it comes to breakfast, being able to whip up a quick batch of breakfast potatoes, pancakes or muffins makes morning meals before work or school something to look forward to just as much as elaborate weekend breakfasts.

Making home-cooked main courses like lasagne and pizza, or desserts like cakes and pies from scratch are fairly ambitious endeavors that usually require setting aside a whole afternoon to put together. Unless you’re fairly comfortable in the kitchen and know you are following a tried and true recipe, the results may not even taste the way another family member makes it. Fortunately there are store-bought meals out there that can dupe even the
trickiest of tastebuds into thinking you’re a master of making homemade meals.