Rubies in the Rubble Empower Women and Tackle Food Waste with Jams

Rubies in the Rubble is a UK social enterprise that tackles food waste and unemployment with its line of chutney and jams.

Made from surplus fruit and vegetables, Rubies in the Rubble's chutneys and jams are handmade, delicious and contribute toward positive social change. Rubies in the Rubble also provides work for the long-term unemployed, offering unique training and employment opportunities for low-income women. The women employed by Rubies in the Rubble receive training in all aspects of the business as they are a part of the entire process, from production to sales, helping them gain confidence and marketable skills.

In repurposing surplus fruits and vegetables from wholesale market that would otherwise be thrown out, Rubies in the Rubble is making an excellent effort against food waste while also reducing carbon emissions.

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