- Jun 12, 2012
Why the thick, handlebar-crusted upper lip is so appealing, I am not sure, but the sheer volume of ‘stache accessories show that this cut of facial hair holds a cult-like following amongst women and men alike.

Made popular by the mainstream Movember campaign in support of prostate cancer awareness for men, the luxuriant mustachio has become a go-to decoration that is featured on products year round. Some hilarious inventions that incorporate the iconic facial feature are ‘stache-wearing mugs, curved-shaped seating, and has even extended to bottle opener designs. The obsession has infiltrated all parts of society.

The variety of stick on mustaches ensures that women do not have to feel left out come Movember—but even if the campaign is a passing fad, all its inspired paraphernalia are surely here to stay.

From Squid Facial Hair to Mustachioed Branding: