Weiche Wu Designs Whimsical Subway Toys to Induce Laughs

 - May 26, 2012
References: wuweiche & wuweiche
Designer Weiche Wu has come up with a few subway tools that will obliterate the seemingly awkward and mundane moments while riding the train.

It seems as if during subway rides people are fixated on being preoccupied, flushing out all the people around them while fidgeting for something to do. Human interaction comes to a halt, eye contact is like a dart game and people tend to do everything they can to stay in their own bubble.

Wu's subway interaction tools encourage laughter, eye contact and the revival of the inner self. These tools are designs found in the London tube where often times people don't interact or look at one another. In this series of amusing toys, there is a mustache mirror, a classic paper cup telephone system and fun-poking signs.

These Weiche Wu designs are sure to stir up a good giggle.