ASHV's Gadgetshop Paper Products Cause Comedy in the Workplace

 - May 25, 2011
References: ashawebsite & underconsideration
Is your business environment feeling bland and boring? Do you spend your long workdays longing for laughter? ASHV is about to come to the rescue!

ASHV's Gadgetshop paper products are purely professional, yet funny and functional. This collection of business stationary was designed by ASHV especially for the Gadgetshop when it obtained new management. ASHV decided to create custom products which would emphasize the Gadgetshop's values and services, and the resulting pieces are priceless.
The Gadgetshop now has business cards that double as face-disguising mustaches, and stationary complete with perforated lines for paper airplane construction-ease. This stationary is anything but stationary! All of these paper products can cleverly transform into hilarious gizmos and gadgets.

ASHV's Gadgetshop paper products prove that professionalism can have a comedic edge!