The 'Hipster or Movember?' Tumblr Questions Curious Facial Hair

If you've ever had trouble trying to determine the difference between those that sport a 'stache all year and the facial hair followers of November, the 'Hipster or Movember?' Tumblr assures you're not alone.

The Tumblr features a compilation of submitted snaps that focus on the lip-carpeted characters of the world, while questioning if that stubble is for the support of men's health or if the wearer always looks like Yosimite Sam's long lost cousin. Hipsters, usually identified by Buddy Holly-esque glasses, a hefty dose of flannel and a too-cool-for-school 'stache have to do something a little more drastic to stand out during the Movember madness.

If you're repping some hipster handlebars or are just giving up shaving for the month, the 'Hipster or Movember?' Tumblr wants to wonder about your whisker ways.