The Ron Swanson Doll Lets You Snuggle a Comfy Play Thing Like a Breakfast Champ

 - Jul 29, 2011
References: etsy & buzzfeed
Fans of the show 'Parks and Recreation' should not hesitate to buy this Ron Swanson doll. After all, how else can you claim that you have snuggled with the charismatic macho man other than by kidnapping Nick Offerman, the actor who plays Mr. Swanson himself?

The Ron Swanson doll was created by Allyson Gutchell, aka TurdDemon, and stands 12.5 inches tall. Sure, he's decked out in his rarely seen suit, but who can turn down that signature pompadour and mustache combination? Only one man can, and sadly, it's Ron Swanson himself.

Implications - Consumers often create fan merchandise to demonstrate their appreciation for a particular franchise. Often times, these creations are of good quality and can easily be marketable. Corporations may consider utilizing some of these customer created products as inspiration for licensed merchandise.