The Sip-Stache Coffee Cup Concept Brings a Fun Formality to Your French Roast

 - May 22, 2012
References: mattebnyberg
The iconic curled mustache crops up in some of the most unexpected places, but it's actually quite appropriately employed within these Sip-Stache paper cup caps. The plastic spill-preventing lids have been molded to form one of three familiar facial hair styles, allowing the drinker to mask his own milk mustache acquired from his cafe au lait.

While drinking through this cup designed by Matte Berit Nyberg, Leela Ivie Joshi and Hanna McLaughlin, others will witness you with a comical upper lip. A matching cardboard sleeve reveals the trim and shape you're trying on. A groomed coffee stirrer provides a regular java top with a clever costume; this Sip-Stache can be inserted through a small hole and removed for a lighthearted mocha masquerade.