From Cupcakes to Catwalks, the Muppets are Ubiquitous

 - Apr 27, 2012
Since the debut of the educational children’s show in 1969, there have been countless Sesame Street remixes. It’s not hard to understand why, as the show’s colorful cast of characters are nothing if not endearing.

Almost everybody has a fondness for that googly-eyed, fury red monster Elmo. In the world of puppets, Miss Piggy is Marilyn Monroe; not to be outdone, Kermit the Frog has launched a successful spin-off career as a cover singer. Despite his poor impulse control, even Cookie Monster regularly inspires smiles and warms hearts.

In recent years, it has become less eccentric and more mainstream to incorporate pop-culture into one’s accoutrement by adorning one’s laptop with comic book characters or accessorizing outfits with cartoon-themed knickknacks, for instance. This development, coupled with the undeniably affability of the Muppets, has led to a burgeoning of Sesame Street-inspired products.