From Sci-Fi Franchise Sneakers to Milkshake-Inspired Shoes

 - Sep 28, 2017
These September 2017 footwear trends include a wide range of both fashion and function-focused shoes that appeal to diverse consumer needs.

One especially unique design that's featured are the 'Rick and Morty' sneakers that were made collaboratively by Nike and singer John Mayer. Based off the new episode 'Pickle Rick,' the sneakers boast a vivid colorway that's made to reflect the appearance of the character Rick when he transformed himself into a pickle, who later became a killing machine when he was met with a threatening situation.

Also highlighted in these September 2017 footwear trends are the innovative hiking boots from Tecnica Forge, which can be heat-molded so that they fit to the wearer perfectly. Due to this technology, the hiking boots are more comfortable than most, and the custom fit prevents the wearer from getting any hot spots or blisters as a result.