Zorpads Use NASA-Tested Tech to Keep Shoes Smelling Clean

 - Aug 3, 2017
References: zorpads & producthunt
While any reasonable, well-adjusted person likely wears some form of deodorizer for their underarms, few do the same for their feet, but Zorpads offer a discreet and comfortable foot odor solution. The business card-sized shoe inserts use NASA-tested technology to eliminate odors from shoes, keeping any type of shoe clean and wearer's feet fresh.

Part of the convenience of Zorpads is their size. Whereas many other foot odor inserts are full insoles that need to be sized for every wearer, Zorpads are small enough to fit in virtually any shoe type and foot size without trimming. The pads also have a mildly adhesive backing that keeps them firmly in place, preventing bunching or slipping during day to day wear.

Each pair of Zorpads lasts up to 60 wears, and they cost just $5 a pair.