From Maki Roll Cushions to Sushi-Inspired Apparel

 - Nov 22, 2011
Although many people fear this vibrant and meticulously arranged cuisine, these sensational sushi finds indicate that those who like sushi, like it a lot.

These Japanese edibles have served as inspiration for everything from iPhone skins to baby Halloween costumes. Its appeal may be due to the overall deliciousness of the dish, but something beyond flavor is responsible for sushi's undeniable allure. Its gorgeous arrangement and collection of colors makes sushi a feast for the eyes as well as the palette.

Its appealing presentation and vivacious colors make sushi the ultimate indulgence for lovers of design. Taking the visual sensibilities of countless sushi chefs, this wildly popular cuisine has not just carved out a niche in edible culture, but in popular culture as a whole.

From sushi collages to maki-inspired furniture, these sensational sushi finds illustrate that this dish's popularity is not showing any signs of letting up.