Wick Away The Thought of Boring Gift Ideas

 - Dec 16, 2008
References: toxel
Always a welcome last minute or unexpected gift standby, candles come in handy. The candles featured here are all quite unique in either their realism or ironic nature. The Fried Egg Candle is clever the way the "yolk" melts like a real one would and the scented cappuccino candle probably smells delicious to any coffee lover. The Gesture series from Atelier WM burns for 3 hours, The Sushi Candles are great for the sushi fan and the burning rock candles are very realistic looking. The Light Bulb Candle is a great ironical piece, as is the Bic lighter; you can use your Bic to light the Bic, lighter! Last but not least in the irony department, is the candle that spells "MELT" (in Helvetica font, in case you were wondering). This is one candle that will do what it says! Also shown are the little Joseph candles.

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