These Java Houses are The Perfect Place For a Hot Cup of Joe

 - Dec 31, 2011
Sensational cafe concepts have been behind the world's most dynamic and design-savy coffee houses. These wonderfully-designed spaces are not only meant to be communal and interactive, but also serve as relaxing getaways for coffee lovers everywhere.

These internationally renowned spaces are not only known for their signature brew of coffee, but also for their distinctive design. From storage container pop-up coffee shops to soaring treehouse cafes, these cozy conversation spots are neighborhood favorites that stand out against the uniformity of neighbouring big franchise coffee houses.

One-of-a-kind coffee house concepts including pet store cafes, cycling coffee shops and even fashion shop cafe hybrids are putting emphasis on individuals' desire for unique, small-run businesses that have presence and character. Coffee lovers are always looking for the city's best kept secret and these personality-enriched spaces are undeniable hotspots.