The Illy House Blooms in 90 Seconds

 - Oct 10, 2007
At Trend Hunter, we've already seen houses made from shipping containers, but the Illy House can open 'like a flower' in just 90 seconds. Okay, that's innovative.

Cool Hunter notes, "With the push of a button, the house opens in 90 seconds like a flower and transforms from a compact container into a fully furnished and functional space with a kitchen, dining room, bathroom, bedroom, living room and library. All materials used in the Biennale house were recyclable or recycled. As Andrea Illy, chairman and CEO of illycaffe, has been quoted as saying, illy was initially interested in Kalkin's idea as an examination of 'home as one continuous mouldable surface, a relief against which human activity would pop out.'"

The Lilly House will be located in Columbus Circle (NYC) and accepting visitors from November 28 to December 29.