From Rowdy Rocker Chick Editorials to Goth Rocker Couture

 - Jan 31, 2012
Many have dreamed of chasing the rockstar lifestyle, but very few have come close to the fame. These numerous head-thrashing, fist-pumping rockstar fashion shoots will reawaken your desire to smash a guitar or two.

The rockstar look has always been in fashion as it symbolizes rebellion through layers of leather, studs, multicolor tresses, heavy makeup and a lot of confidence. Many fashion shoots have used the rockstar theme to attract a younger generation, as the carefree, devil-may-care attitude associated with rockstar style fits every youth generation since the 1950s to now. For instance, Vogue Russia's February 2012 editorial and Elle Sweden's fashion shoot is rocker chic-inspired.

It looks like glam rockstar fashion is not going anywhere anytime soon, which is definitely a good thing.