- Sep 14, 2009   Updated: Jun 7 2011
Punk fashion has influenced many designers, rockers and young people. People wear provocative punk looks as a way to make a statement using alternative clothing, hairstyles, jewelery and body mods.

Spikes, leather jackets, piercings, tattoos, mohawks and boots are just a few of the looks associated with punk culture. This cluster has it all, from electrostatic hairstyles to spiked corsets to redesigned punk boots.

Implications - From studded skinny pants to thorny jewelry, rebellious couture is everywhere. Fashion provides consumers with a creative outlet and also allows them to push the limits through an acceptable method. This fashion pattern has yet to die down because of its ability to let the wearer express emotions that are often left undiscussed.

From Bizarre Body Mods to Celebrity Mohawks: