Pierced Metal Mohawks On the Head Of The Flesh Stappling Inventor

 - Apr 21, 2009   Updated: Aug 23 2011
References: bizarremag
This real life cyborg, handily called Samppa Von Cybor, has a rather fetching metal mohawk.

Rather clearly, London-based Von Cybor is into extreme body modification - he was also the inventor of body mod innovations like flesh coils, flesh stapling, navel pocketing and Mad Max Bars.

Currently he is said to be working on 'top secret' projects in further body modification innovation. What these may be is anyone's guess, but I cannot wait to find out!!

Implications - Controversy and a shock factor are extremely important features of advertising that businesses would be wise to take advantage of. Customers are attracted to imagery that is unusual and the attention that these images garner is unprecedented in any other facet of the entertainment industry.