From Kanye West's Labyrinth Haircut to Visor Toupees

 - Aug 20, 2010   Updated: Jun 8 2011
Has your hairdo ever been in hair purgatory -- not quite bald, yet not quite defined as a "full head of hair"? This cluster of barely-there hair innovations features all kinds styles that cut it close to the edge of baldness.

From Kanye West's labyrinth haircut to visor toupees that help to hide male pattern baldness, these barely-there hair innovations are worth a peek.

Implications - Current style trends place an emphasis on the individual and allowing the consumer a sense of self-expression. Unique fashions and style trends enable a consumer to visually voice their values to their peers. Companies should embrace this need for individuality, and develop products or services that are out of the ordinary or customizable.