Rihanna Shaves Sides of Head and Rocks the Results

 - Jul 17, 2009
References: popeater
Rihanna is rockin’ a powerful new modified punk-mohawk hairstyle. She was seen July 16th in New York City with both sides of her head completely shaved, with a longer layered section left in the center. The length in the middle allows her to flip her remaining locks to one side or another.

What a fierce way to show off ultra-hip earrings like the phoenix and chain ones in these pictures. Like the mythical bird, Rihanna is proving she has the will to rise from the flames stronger and more confident than ever.

The last 3 images where taken June 29th (pre-shaved), as Rihanna attended a birthday party for Allegra Versace. She is simply stunning in that angular black and white skirt suit.

We recently saw Cassie sporting a similar style although she chose to limit the shaving to one side, check out the images below.