Extreme Pumpkins (UPDATE)

 - Oct 18, 2008
References: extremepumpkins
Tom Nardone runs a site called Extreme Pumpkins which turns this once-gentle October pastime into a dark, shocking holiday. This is pumpkin carving for adults with knobs on.

Pyrotechnic pumpkins can be made in a variety of ways, like the one in this gallery that is stuffed with kerosene-soaked toilet paper.

Other extreme pumpkins include:

Drowning in a bag creepy pumpkin
Radioactive pumpkin
Skull pumpkin
Worm-infested pumpkin
Frozen in time pumpkin
Pumpkin and nails (lots of nails)
Pumpkin autopsy
Buried alive pumpkin
Baby-eating pumpkin

I quite fancy having a go at the pumpkin with nails as it looks fairly easy to do. Stand by for pictures!