From Prehistoric Dinosaur Lighting to Clay-Made Tentacle Lanterns

 - Feb 26, 2013
Lanterns are often used as a celebratory source of light during festivals and special occasions, and if you're looking to show off a bit of your eclectic side at your next party, then these quirky lantern designs are just the thing to do it.

While ordinary lights and fixtures are great when you just simply need a source of illumination at home, these lantern designs are bold and creatively designed to be a show stopper at any type of gathering or get together. While ordinary lanterns are traditionally circular or cylinder-shaped, these out-of-the-ordinary lighting designs rather showcase a more quirky side, by referencing all sorts of things such as video games and prehistoric dinosaurs.

From lanterns that are shaped like kittens to those that look like gigantic sea creatures, these quirky lantern designs are perfect for anyone who has an eclectic taste for out-of-the-box designs.