From Safe Chef-Inspired Skate Shoes to Gucci Mane High-Tops

 - Nov 13, 2016
Throughout this compilation of November 2016 sneakers, the many different ways that companies are aiming to appeal to niche demographics are illustrated. Also prominent is a sense of exclusivity that a lot of releases continue to maintain -- prompting consumers to buy more at a faster rate than they otherwise might.

Two examples from these November 2016 sneakers draw from the formerly mentioned idea in an especially specific way -- with one being a pumpkin spice latte-inspired design from Saucony and the other being a collaborative effort that was done between Vans and Disney -- which resulted in a collection of 'Toy Story' skate shoes that come adorned with the name of film's human protagonist written roughly on the sole.

Meanwhile, other brands like Nike, adidas and Timberland have been busy coming up with fresh colorways and detailing for some of their former models -- making an already popular model into something new and desirable among consumers.