- Jun 3, 2011
A great way to alter existing images and infuse them with spunk is through creating mosaic masterpieces! Don't be scared off by the word "masterpiece," because making mosaics can be less complicated than it looks.

From Doggy Treat Mosaics to Eggcelent Religious Art and Pixelated Pop portraits, mosaic masterpieces are essentially endless! It seems as if anything can be made more interesting by turning it into an intricate mosaic piece of art. Whether it be former presidential candidates like Barack Obama or off-the-wall models and celebrities -- if you are a prominent public figure, you can probably expect to be made into mosaic masterpieces.

These kooky art-pieces don't have to stop with famous figures -- canine creatures and average Joes can also get creative in this collaging process.

From Pixelated Pop Portraits to Eggcelent Religious Art: