Ed Chapman Idolizes the Great Jimi Hendrix With a Guitar Pick Canvas

Artist Ed Chapman loves music and creating works of art depicting some of the world's most famous musicians. From John Lennon to Kurt Cobain, subjects of the music-loving artist's work are always the legends, with his recent Jimi Hendrix portrait as a testament to Chapman's love of music.

Ed Chapman wanted to make this mosaic a piece of art that was more than just a portrait of Hendrix. Using 5000 plectrums (better known as guitar picks) Ed Chapman was able to make this stunning portrait. Ed Chapman chose only Fender guitar picks because Jimi Hendrix was known for playing a Fender Stratocaster.

Ed Chapman had a lot of fun creating the piece and crafting a portrait out of 5000 guitar picks is no easy task. The work of art was also for a good cause as it was auctioned on February 24, 2011 for the Cancer Research UK’s Sound & Vision fundraiser event. The mosaic masterpiece was sold for a whopping £23,000.