Saimir Strati's Wine-Bottle Cork Art is a Wondrous Wooden Wall Painting

 - Jan 5, 2011   Updated: Aug 15 2011
References: freeartpics.blogspot & lostateminor
The Wine-Bottle Cork Art by Albanian artist Saimir Strati is an amazing 3D painting made out of 300,000 wooden bobbers.

This stand-out mural relaxed and laid-back lady strumming a tune on her guitar. It is no wonder that Saimir Strati is regarded as one of the world's most well known modern mosaic artists. The patience he must have had going into the Wine-Bottle Cork Art piece was all well worth the wondrous wait.

Implications - Consumers are appreciative of products made from recycled materials because it satiates their desire to resolve outstanding environmental issues. Corporations may consider crafting their wares out of recycled textiles in order to attract consumers.