Captivating Iranian Suluki and Lhaso Apso by Artbarkers

 - Dec 8, 2008
References: etsy
This beautiful mosaic of a Suluki actually consists of thousands of tiny photos of Iran. As you may have guessed, the droopy-eared dog bread originally comes from Persia, or modern-day Iran.

"Perhaps the oldest domesticated breed of dog to have ever lived, its DNA matching wolves, Salukis are the epitome of grace and beauty," Etsy creator Artbarkers says.

The Tucson, AZ based artist sells a range of canine-inspired artworks similar to the 8 x 10 photomosaic pictured here. A few are in the gallery, all created out of images from their country of origin.

It's rare that Iran is a theme used in modern artwork, but it's incredibly refreshing to see an inspiring portrayal of a country most people outside of Iran make negative associations with.