From Recycled Sculptures to Re-Used Tabloid Wardrobes

 - Mar 28, 2012
From offbeat abodes to news-worthy fashions, these bold newspaper designs aim to promote sustainable living practices. Whether utilized as an alternative textile or as a structural material, paper-made creations are taking the architecture, design and fashion world by storm.

Proving that one's trash can indeed become another's treasure, these daring dresses, functional footwear styles and architectural masterpieces believe that newspaper is a viable material that should not be wasted, but instead used in an innovative way.

From its graphically visual qualities to its flexibility and strength as a woven textile, the common newspaper is no longer discarded, but is being transformed into an art piece, clothing item or sleek structure. Embracing the sustainability movement and other eco-friendly practices, these bold newspaper designs aim to make the world a better place.