Recycled Shadow was Created in Response to Paper Waste

 - Aug 27, 2011
References: somosmeva & mymodernmet
The Recycled Shadow art installation could become a great do-it-yourself project, just for fun or even for a special occasion. A suspended sculpture made out of newspapers that have been folded into windmill shapes, it creates a beautiful shadow below as the sun shines through it, making it perfect for setting a romantic mood at an event such as a wedding. It even has a soothing rhythm to it as the wind blows through.

Created by Spanish architectural collective Meva, the Recycled Shadow art installation was fashioned out of hundreds of old newspaper pages and nylon mesh. A simple concept, it provides a unique shaded area for Alicante, Spain residents. It was inspired by London Municipal center research that indicated 100 extra tons of paper waste are created by newspapers.