Eyescream by Spade Publication Creates Limited Edition Streetwear

 - Jan 31, 2012
References: eyescream.jp & eyescream.jp
Japanese company Eyescream by Spade publication has released a limited edition line of casual wear featuring grunge gods Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain.

The Eyescream collection plasters black and white photographic prints of the destructive couple onto apparel. Placed sporadically on pant legs, shirt corners and vest seems, the prints make the vibe of the collection authentically grungy. The photographs included were captured by Japan's own Kenji Kubo. The collation is made up of distressed white pieces that resemble used newspaper, and is only selling for one month. While the grunge enthusiast may not be capable of affording a $500 tee, the idea is fantastic. For those broke aficionados, have a try at DIY print screening. I know Kurt would!

The Eyescream by Spade limited edition line of casual wear is a heartache for all Nirvana fans.