Holly Anne Mitchell's Newspaper Jewellery

 - Jul 28, 2008
References: newspaperjewelry
Holly Anne Mitchell changes losing lottery tickets into a revenue generating enterprise. The American artist designs and constructs her line of jewellery out of recycled paper products. Mitchell uses expired coupons, comic strips, stock lists, crossword and Sudoku puzzles, losing lottery tickets and used sweetener packets in the line showcased on her webs site NewspaperJewelry. The stylish collection includes bracelets, neckpieces, brooches, cufflinks, and earrings.

Mitchell's high-quality work is priced appropriately from $89 for many pairs of earrings and cufflinks to the “Shattered Dreams” losing lottery ticket neckpieces priced at $899. All of her pieces are sealed with a moisture-resistant coating.

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