From Geek-Chic Formal Accessories to High-Tech Mancessories

 - Dec 5, 2011
For the dapper dudes everywhere, these creative cufflinks are sure to spark your aesthetic interest and tantalize your couture curiosity. Men like to look sharp, but generally want to avoid looking like a joyless suit. Formal suits on men are timeless classics, but it's important to not let the clothes speak for the man. Inject a little personality into the legendary monkey suit and you'll be the one wearing the clothes instead of the clothes wearing you.

With such a wide variety of cufflink designs to choose from, you won't be hard pressed to find the perfect set to suit your mood, price point and interests. From hilariously nerdy cufflinks to stunning designer duos, you'll be sure to find the perfect set of wrist candy for every occasion.

Enough to make a man feel like 007 himself, these creative cufflinks add a little extra zest to your formal attire.