From Bare Skin Canvases to Recycled Mosaics

 - Oct 30, 2011
These Gustav Klimt-inspired innovations illustrate the design world's preoccupation with the celebrated painter.

Few artists lovingly rendered the female form more lovingly and effectively than Klimt. His work exudes an ethereal quality, and a kind of mysticism married with an undeniable sultry glamor. His long haired maidens punctuated with splashes of metallic on jeweled-toned canvases have found a home on many a dorm room wall, but beyond their application as predictable freshman decor, Gustav Klimt's art has greatly impacted the creative community.

The fashion world in particular often borrows from this master of aesthetics when designing collections. This is not surprising since Klimt often fancied himself a designer. Klimt's love of pattern is evident throughout his work. Klimt's love of decorative embellishments married with his devotion to feminine beauty makes his work the ultimate muse for a successful fashion line.

These Gustav Klimt-inspired innovations are a must-see for any art lover.