From Urban Monsters to Celeb Confetti Photos

 - Oct 16, 2011
Pop culture always finds a way to artistically manifest itself in multiple ways, and these innovative pop culture collages are no exception. Made from materials such as paper, cardboard and glue, these art pieces combine different images to reinvent new ones. An interesting aspect about photo-montages is that they are usually composed of an image made out of a collection of multiple ones.

Pop culture is a fantastic source of inspiration for superimposed images, as there is an incredible amount of materials that come from magazines, newspapers and photographs. Altered portraits of iconic celebrities make them appear even more interesting for fans, as arts generally enhances real life. Also, by being made from a collection of diverse photos and art techniques, collages become a mash-up of tendencies and social influences, creating both optical illusions and multiple perspectives.

This incredible gallery becomes a collage itself by gathering together the most innovative pop culture collages.