Street Creatures by Matthew Rodriguez

Beware the dark alleys of the streets. Monsters could be looming…

With a background in the urban art scene, Matthew Rodriguez has stepped up the game and is now exhibiting his magnificent artwork in Los Angeles at Tinlark Gallery in a group show opening on November 15th.

Although you’ll find them in gloomy corners of the urban spheres, Rodriguez’ street monsters are friendly and adorable rather than scary and fear-provoking. The artist uses a wide range of media for his creative expressions and incorporates collages of found materials, paintings and staged photographs.

The monster-like creatures featured in Rodriguez’s street narratives pop out of trees and rainbows and other delightfully non-scary objects, which makes the viewer smile rather than shake in fear. This nostalgic sensibility matched with an innate sense of humor softens the aggressive mood of his monster-like creations.