Watts Towers in LA

 - Mar 4, 2008
References: weburbanist
This really unique piece of architecture reminds me of something you'd see in the Myst computer games.

The details are really quite remarkable, with trinkets like plates in different colours grouted to the walls to make a vibrant mosaic. The pointy needle like towers look like they were sculpted by hand, yet at their height, the possibility is unlikely.

The Watts Towers in Los Angeles are encrusted with plates, glass and ceramics with no colour left out. There are big pieces and tiny splinters, round shapes and jagged.

The structure is the work of Simon Rodia, an Italian who moved to the US and began this art project in LA.

"What started out as a few random art projects became a vast and semi-abstract architectural masterpiece known as the Watts Towers, complete with a gazebo, fountain, bird baths and other assorted structures reaching up to 100 feet in height," WebUrbanist.com said. "These were comprised of shells, scrap metal, pottery shards, rocks, glass and pretty much any other random material he could find. For the main structural elements he employed steel, cement, mortar and wire mesh and assembled all of his creations without the assistance of scaffolding."