The Piksol Solar Panel System Turns Environmentalism into an Art Form

 - Mar 18, 2010
References: & yankodesign
Using solar panels to depict famous images and paintings is likely something, I'm guessing, that hasn't been done before. The Piksol Solar Panel System, however, is here to change all that.

The Piksol Solar Panel has a giant board or wall with hundreds or maybe even thousands of these little solar panels covering it. They are arranged in such a way that from a distance they resemble a coherent image, like say, the Mona Lisa.

The real neat thing about them, however, is that the panels move with the position of the sun, so you might get a Da Vinci painting in the morning and have a Rembrandt in the evening.

The Piksol Solar Panel System is likely the most clever enviro-friendly device that's ever been designed.