From Architectural Dishware to Speech-Minimizing Coffee Cups

 - Jan 8, 2012
If you're always on the look out for a fun new way to enjoy your morning java, then feast your eyes on these miraculous mugs. Sure to shake you from your early-morning haze in the friendliest way possible, these curious coffee containers are full of whimsy and funky aesthetics. Drink deep from these creative cups and you'll be open to all of the possibilities the day holds.

From mugs that beg to be doodled on to twisting porcelain tumblers, there is no shortage on innovative ways to transport a tasty beverage from the table to your waiting lips. Wrap your freezing fingers around anyone of these toasty charmers and you'll feel a soothing wave of coziness wash over you.

The ideal way to start your day, these miraculous mugs will have caffeine fiends itching for a sip.