From Seaside Metallic Photo Shoots to Fish Scale Fashion

 - Jul 8, 2012
These mermaid-inspired innovations show how prevalent this mythical creature has become in popular culture.

Often inspiring both fashion and visual art, the mermaid look involves ethereal style with seaside touches. Frequently used in fashion shoots to portray summer lines of clothing, the mermaid style is effective when it comes to showing innocence. Ariel, of 'Little Mermaid' fame, is a character who is often made part of such creations. The popularity of the Disney film paired with the iconic imagery that made the film so special lend a great source of inspiration to designers.

Mermaids, though non-existent, have a strong force of influence, from wedding dresses to pop culture art. It's hard to say whether the creature will ever truly come to life, but it's certain that the style of this legend is well and alive in the design world.