Zentai-Inspired Fashion

 - Nov 17, 2008
References: zentailifestyle.blogspot
As I was happily browsing the internet for a Penelope Pitstop pink latex catsuit, I discovered what seems to be a massive market for all-in-one latex suits -- I like to call them body bags. I promise, this ridiculous mermaid costume is REAL, you can buy it, and more concerning, people are actually turned on by this.

It is called zentai and is basically a man or woman dressed up in a tightly fitted, opaque, body sock-y thing that covers every inch of their skin. It can be almost any material.

Have not tried it, don’t get it, but it does give us a pretty awesome zentai fashion trend. The Swedish zentai performers are AWESOME.

Once you discover zentai, you will start seeing it everywhere in adverts, and even recognize its influence in Spider Man costumes. Zentai was also featured on catwalks, such as in Somatra’s collection which sent lace-clad models down the run ways.


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