The Anatomy of a Mermaid & Other Cryptids in Book Form

 - Jul 4, 2009   Updated: Apr 28 2011
References: & gearfuse
These pictures show the anatomy of several mythical creatures. From mermaids to centaurs, these images show the similarities to human biology.

I'm not too sure what the purpose is behind these pictures, but they will surely attempt to legitimize the existence of these cryptids to skeptics.

Check out the gallery to see what goes where in these mythical creatures.

Implications - Even for the skeptical individuals, these images are a good way to get your kids into biology. Besides, if your little girl was wondering if the Little Mermaid is real, you'd at least have these photos to explain the full anatomy of the mermaid. It's definitely a good read for kids and adults who still choose to believe in fantastical things.