- May 27, 2018
These May 2018 sport trends incorporate stylish gym apparel, progress-tracking apps, athlete-honoring releases, unique tours, and more.

One innovation that's particularly odd is the Rogue Fitness 'Iron Neck' trainer, which is made to help users strengthen their neck muscles in a safe way. The device is attached to the user's head with a helmet-like attachment, which then connects to a cable that allows the weight on the other end to be adjusted. User's can choose to lift anywhere between 25 and 75 pounds with the trainer, and move in any direction to build different muscles.

Also featured is the 'SeniTurn' indicator, which is made for outdoor runners and cyclists in urban settings. The device is worn on the user's hand, and lights up so that it can be seen by others at night. In addition to notifying drivers and others on the road of the runner's whereabouts, SeniTurn allows them to make clear hand signals so that others know which way they're turning.

From Workout-Friendly Phone Cases to Ball-Collecting Tennis Robots: