From Air-Purifying Bicycles to Biometric Subway Gates

 - Jun 24, 2017
From solar-powered bicycle lanes to bicycles that purify the air, the top June 2017 commuting ideas explore many new ideas that enhance convenience, comfort and most of all, a responsibility to the environment.

Knowing that many environmentally conscious consumers are choosing to trade in their cars for ultra-compact urban bicycles, specialized apparel, accessories, vehicle sharing programs and even cyclist-specific traffic lights are being created. In this same theme, in order to encourage safety among cyclists and pedestrians, forward-thinking innovators have developed everything from smart crosswalk sensors to collapsible helmets that can be transported anywhere.

Those who prefer to take the subway are also being treated to new innovations, such as beverage bottles that offer a free ride, as well as concepts that have the potential to eliminate traditional card-, token- or ticket-based payment systems.