The Walnutt Spectra Calls Itself the Tesla of Electric Skateboards

 - May 10, 2017
References: indiegogo & digitaltrends
Tesla has shaken up the transportation industry with its promise of connected, AI-driven cars, and the Walnutt Spectra is attempting to bring that same technological inspiration to a more recreational activity. The Walnutt Spectra is an electric skateboard that uses artificial intelligence to give its riders as intuitive an experience as possible.

Most electric skateboards function through the use of a remote control of some sort. That might be a device that comes stock with the board, or it might come in the form of an app. In either case, using one's hands while boarding limits balance and takes away from the experience of riding. The Walnutt Spectra uses AI to sense the rider's posture and move accordingly. Further, the board's AI is able to learn as it gets ridden, creating a personal ride for every product.