From Eco-Friendly Adult Scooters to Car Brand Bicycles

 - Apr 8, 2017
The top April 2017 eco transportation ideas favor small, personal vehicles as a means of sustainable transport. Although solo travel by car can be incredibly wasteful if all the seats are not filled, these small-scale solutions for individuals help to ease the strain put on the environment.

As an alternative to cars and other relatively large-scale forms of transportation, many consumers are inviting smaller, sustainable solutions like scooters and skateboards into their lives. For instance, JayKay recently introduced the world to its electric longboard kit, the OjO was unveiled as a commuter scooter and the Mercane TRANSBOARD v2 brands itself as an eco-friendly "kickscooter."

Rather than investing in a brand-new vehicle, some consumers are also turning to accessories and add-ons such as the UrbanX electric bike wheels.