The PG x Bugatti Bicycle is Complementary to the Chiron

 - Mar 23, 2017
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While those who drive luxury vehicles might not be interested in ordinary bicycle designs, the PG x Bugatti Bicycle is one that they will likely show a little interest in. Designed by Bugatti and developed by PG, the PG x Bugatti Bicycle is made from over 95% carbon fiber and weighs less than 5kg, which makes it the lightest urban bicycle in the world.

Each of the various components of the bicycle design can be completely tailored to the specifications of the rider to ensure that it suits their requirements perfectly. Those who own a Bugatti can even get the PG x Bugatti Bicycle to be built to match their vehicle in order to create a dazzling set of transportation equipment.

The PG x Bugatti Bicycle is manufactured in Kussmaul, Germany with production limited to 667 bikes worldwide.