This Transportation Entry Gate Concept Aims to Make Pass Cards Obsolete

 - May 31, 2017
References: vimeo & psfk
ATMS in China is looking to integrate biometric technology into future designs for transportation entry gates.

The 'Gateless Gateline' concept removes some of the barriers that people are typically required to pass through to gain entry to a subway system. In fact, rather than having to manually push past a turnstyle or some sort of blockade, travelers are able to pass through the entry gates freely. In place of using an individual card to grant themselves access, passengers would have their faces 3D scanned to permit entry after registering via a dedicated mobile app.

This high-tech subway entry system of the future has the potential to reduce congestion, prevent people from hopping gates to avoid payment, reduce plastic card waste, as well as improve overall accessibility for subway travelers of all abilities.