- Jul 14, 2019
The July 2019 art & design round-up is proficient in showing how many industries are shaped through the onset of cutting-edge technology, forward-thinking creativity and sustainability-conscious initiatives. From artificial intelligence and one-of-a-kind skyscraper pools to greenhouse cities and social justice-pushing projects, this list has some truly inspiring examples.

Sony attempts to challenge the perception of audiences at Milan Design Week through a product-informed installation, dubbed 'Affinity in Autonomy.' Powered by artificial intelligence, the experience features themed rooms that are open to exploration. Meanwhile, there is a plan to build a €1 billion greenhouse farm city on the border between Hungary, Austria, and Slovakia, boasting a more globalized effort to address climate change. Elsewhere, Design by Disruption and the Shoe Surgeon collaborate on a pair of sneakers that present an activist statement against existing supply chain-based slavery.

From AI-Powered Smart Mirrors to Immersive Art Parties: